Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 5..

Today is day 5. I'm almost done with RECLAIM, the first phase of the Beachbody Ultimate reset. The diet plan is really strict and you have a regimen of supplements that can be tough to get used to but over all I am feeling so good most days. My headaches have subsided and I have more energy.

The only downside is the alkilinize powder. It's like drinking liquid spinach and alfalfa and is disgusting. Seriously gag worthy. I'm encapsulating it as soon as my capsules get here. I might have to take 4 capsules but it beats almost throwing up LOL.

Shakeology is actually pretty yum. I've used it for breakfast twice now and while it has a really weird aftertaste it does increase my energy and make me feel great. I have the vegan chocolate strawberry. :D

It's a tough regimen to follow for sure but I know I'll make it through these 21 days and feel SO much better. The next phase is where I take the Detox powder, that should be interesting!

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