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Leggings are definitely pants! A review of FabuLegs


They are a cause of much controversy. Women are constantly being told when and where it's ok to wear leggings, and at what age they should stop wearing leggings. Schools have banned leggings, because apparently instead of teaching boys how to respect girls/women we penalize girls for wanting to be comfortable. Go figure, right? 

Even with all that leggings have come a long way. You can find leggings from very cheap, to very expensive, and out of all sorts of materials. My favorite part though? Being able to find leggings with fun, crazy, gorgeous, quirky, and even geeky designs.

Needless to say I absolutely adore leggings and I wear them often. They are comfortable. They fit my needs and honestly jeans are so uncomfortable I'd rather never wear them.

Today I am writing an in depth review for my absolute favorite legging company. I'm sure many of you might have a certain brand in mind, but it's definitely not them. Today I am writing about FabuLegs, an amazing company run by Melissa. Not only are her leggings awesome, they are easily accessible. You don't have to shop parties of 100 different consultants or watch a live feed and pray to the leggings god that you posted "sold" first. There's an actual website which you order from, making it crazy convenient and way less of a hassle. She also has a myriad of different designs, and plain fabric options as well. 

Disclaimer: Before I continue I will say that I received these leggings free to review. I am not being paid to write positive things about these leggings and my opinions are 100% my own. None of the links are affiliate links so I get no money if you click on them, or if you end up purchasing from FabuLegs. I do, however, own many pairs of FabuLegs that I have paid for and I will continue to purchase from this brand. 

About the company. FabuLegs is not an MLM. It's a single point of sale company. No consultants, no in home parties. There's a website where you can purchase, or pre-order all available designs. She releases new designs, or reprints, almost every single month and customers get to vote on designs they'd love to see return. Melissa started the company because she got board with the MLM she signed up with. She sold all those pairs and started her own company!

She sells a few different types of clothing items on her website (hyperlinked above). FabuLegs are regular leggings priced at $22, FabuCapri are capri leggings priced at $18, FabuKids are kids leggings priced at $15. There are even FabuTunics for sale, and during football season she might get back the really great "game on" tunic!

On to the review! I received two pairs of leggings. Lucky Charm and Pi. I love these pairs, and they are absolutely perfect for March! Lucky Charm is bright and gorgeous and definitely invokes the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day while Pi is super nerdy and perfect for Pi Day (3/14). 

So I wore these pairs for one full day. Through all my errands and all my activities. I have two kids, and 5 animals. 1 animal is a small puppy who likes to jump on my legs. Both pairs held up nicely to my busy schedule and were comfortable the entire time. I rarely had to pull them up at the waist as well, which is a huge plus. I find some leggings require me to continuously pull them up and I hate that. 

FabuLegs come in four sizes. Small (fits similar to Tween 0-4), Medium (Fits like OS 6-10), Large (Fits like TC 12-20) and Extra Large (XTC- 22+). My pairs are Large. There is plenty of room in them and they are super comfortable. The leggings are soft and durable. The tag says to "tumble dry low" but I usually hang mine to dry. I DID, however, dry these pairs in the dryer to show you what they would look like after being dried. The Pi look like all my other dark colored leggings that have been hung to dry, so there was no difference. They didn't shrink either. 

Lucky Charm right out of the package

Waistband of all FabuLegs leggings

I am 5'7'' and there's still plenty of fabric left. I could grow 2-3 inches and be fine!

Full leg shot! 

Plenty of room to grow! They have fabulous stretch. 

Up close: can't see my underwear through them! 

Can even double as capris! 

FabuLegs PI! 

Slightly thin, so in the knee area when crossing legs you can see skin through
Can't see underwear through, which is always a fear!

Plenty of fabric so for taller people, 2-3 inches at least, they still work as leggings! 

Comparing them to my true black top, in natural daylight
Another color comparison. 

Fresh out of the dryer
Fresh out of the Dryer. 

As you can see I documented and took pictures of everything I really look for in leggings. I want to make sure they are comfortable, that my underwear won't be seen through them. I want them to be fun, with really awesome patterns. FabuLegs accomplishes all of this. I have pairs that are over a year old with no holes. Unlike other legging brands. That's not saying Melissa is perfect, and faulty manufacturing happens. When it does Melissa has great customer service and will gladly help resolve any problems that should arise. I had leggings sent to my new house, but because we just bought it they were sent back instead of left in the locked mailbox. Melissa was understanding and she resent them without charging me for shipping again! It was great communicating with her to help resolve the problem, that I didn't know was going to be a problem. 

As an adult it can be hard to find leggings with patterns that aren't too "cartoonish", or with awesome designs that really reflect one's personality. I think FabuLegs has accomplished that. No longer do I have to be jealous because my kids get all the cool and fun patterns and designs!

FabuLegs also makes kids sizes. I recommend going up a size in those, personally. Or maybe my kids are just odd sizes. They love their FabuLegs though and they are rough on leggings but all their FabuLegs have survived! 

Harry Potter Leggings, my 30th Birthday. All FabuLegs.
Left to Right: Scholarly, Guardian, and Wizardly.  

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