Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Review!

For the disclaimer: I received this product FREE through the Influenster VoxBox program. It's an awesome program, you get free products to test out and I have found new products that I LOVE to use because of this program. You can sign up for Influenster HERE. 

I was skeptical when I was told I was receiving the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive. Razors and I generally do not get a long, especially in the bikini/underarm area. My legs are sensitive but not as much as those areas are. It's hard finding a razor that doesn't leave my skin irritated.

I was using the Gillette Venus Olay Razor and I am totally going to stop using it and use the Embrace Sensitive from now on, and here's why.

1. The Embrace Sensitive provided me with a close shave that left my skin smooth, and not irritated. In my most sensitive areas very slight irritation occurred BUT nothing compared to what it once was. It's a blessing to want to shave without fear of irritation and pain! The Venus & Olay is a great razor, they both have 5 blades, but the moisturizing part wears down before the razor does and then the little plastic things irritate your leg and make shaving a bigger annoyance.


2. My shave was not only closer, but it also lasted longer! Usually by day 3 my legs are starting to annoy me and I need to shave again. I went 5 days without that annoyance. For someone like me, who really hates shaving, it's a blessing!

3. The aloe really makes my legs feel super smooth and moisturized after the shower, and that feeling lasts a really long time.

All in all I would recommend this razor to a friend, and I will keep using it! I wish the blades weren't so expensive, but the shave itself is a great one! #ItsNotMe, for sure!

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