Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clover Hill Crafts Diaper Review!

I am reviewing a diaper made by Danell, owner of Clover Hill Crafts. She creates beautiful diapers and wool clothing and is just a great women to work with! Her customer service is fabulous and her diapers are top notch. Her creations can be found in the Cuties Congo, Clover Hill Crafts store, and in the Bliss Congo on HyenaCart.

Her "about me" section of the congo says this about her: I'm a work at home mom to two little boys, Evan is 5, and Andre is 3. They keep me busy! I live in the Pacific Northwest, with 9 months of rainy, gloomy, gray weather, which gives me ample indoor time to complete my projects and work on new patterns. I started sewing as a child, when my mother taught me about quilting, and have kept working on my skills throughout the years. I've been selling what I make for the last couple years, and have just begun selling under the brand Clover Hill Crafts. Crocheting came about when I was 9 years old, and my mother sent me to her cousin's house for the weekend, so that she could teach me how to crochet. I call it Crochet Boot Camp, and she taught me well! So now for the past 20 years I've been crocheting everything under the sun, from infant dresses to doilies and hats. I've been blown away by the usefulness of crocheted wool longies and soakers.

I ordered the Russian Nesting Doll CHC 2.0 One Size Fitted Diaper from her store on March 18th, 2011. It arrived today, March 23, 2011. This diaper was an auction, but was super special for me to win since I traveled to Russia when I was 15 and now my children are in love with the nesting dolls that I've had since that trip. It's just special to me. Matryoshka's are just amazing, hand made works of art so having a diaper that portrays that is special.

The description for the diaper read: This diaper is created from these adorable Nesting Dolls fabric. The snaps are Black and light blue, serging is Green, and inner fabric is soft Blue cotton velour. The inner absorbant layer (sandwiched between cotton velour and printed knit fabric) is heavyweight Organic Hemp Bamboo Fleece, for maximum squishiness and absorption! There are 3 rise adjustments to fit your growing little one. And cross-over tabs give flexibility in sizing. Hidden snaps ensure that no snaps will touch your baby's sensitive skin. The large insert is made of a contoured petal soaker, with Bamboo and/or Hemp material, and topped with velour. The small insert is also made of contoured petal soaker, with Bamboo and/or Hemp material, topped with velour; and snaps to the bottom of the large soaker so it can more easily be used as a doubler. And best of all, with the petal system, no snaps will touch your baby's skin!With all of this cotton, bamboo and hemp material for all layers of the diaper, you're left with up to 11 layers of absorbant fabric! Fits most babies 10 lbs to 35+ lbs.

Now doesn't that sound heavenly? I knew the diaper was going to be cute, but I wasn't prepared for the cuteness, or the squishiness, that arrived at my home today! Both of my daughters were impressed as well, of course they loved the design!

Front of diaper:

Back of Diaper:


view of large and small insert:

As you can see it just looks so very squishy and soft, and it is as squishy and soft as it looks! I put the diaper on Taegen, my 21 month old daughter, and she just loved it! Usually it's a fight to get action shots (yes, I am the crazy woman who chases her child around with a camera saying "just one butt shot, please!", lol), but she had no problem posing for this diaper! It fit great, and for a child who has spent the last few months in such an awkward shape phase, that says a lot! The tabs were so stretchy, but not too stretchy and there were enough snaps to get a great fit! It is a fitted, so it "requires" a cover to be waterproof, but at home we don't use covers. She has worn it for over 2 hours with no sign of wetness. (I usually don't leave her in diapers this long, but this is a review so I wanted it to be accurate). She's in her bed napping and the diaper is still not wet!!!! How fantastic! I am impressed, and wondering why I hadn't ordered a Clover Hill Crafts fitted before!

Front of Diaper Fit:

Back of Diaper Fit:

Range of Motion example:


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Cute! I really want to try a CHC but Areya doesn't do well with serged diapers :(