Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monkey and Bug Diaper Review

Monkey and Bug diapers, my guilty pleasure. They really rock my socks. She does 1/2 and 1/2 diapers: 1/2 minky and 1/2 cotton outers, minky inner, and hidden PUL. I love them, and so does my daughter! She thinks they are the prettiest diapers ever. Her favorite is her Dora diaper which is a 1/2 and 1/2 diaper, minky inner, and we use a microfiber towel to stuff. It's a OS pocket!

Meghann, the owner of Monkey and Bug, also makes mama cloth and bibs. She's very talented. I own some mama cloth and it's absolutely amazing. Mine is minky topped and it's so comfy to wear, and absorbent!

You can find her on Facebook and on HyenaCart. She has amazing customer service and she works with you on customs.

Taegen is 31 lbs and still fits in her OS Monkey and Bug diapers! They are my night time diapers and my go to going out diapers! Taegen has had the Dora diapers for months now and it holds up greatly! It's been washed, and dried, and washed again in a 2 day rotation and gets a lot of use. It's just wonderful. All of our Monkey and Bugs are fantastic though!


Anonymous said...

They don't leak through the cotton at night?

ChunkyMunkyMom said...

I use my Monkey & Bugs at night as well. Jade is a super soaker at night and they are amazing. I have never had a leak in one... Well, once but I didn't stuff it well. So, my bad! I love Meghann AND her freaking amazing bulletproof diapers!

I have her mama cloth, too and her workmanship is impeccable. Seriously, she is so talented!