Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why I am so glad I cloth diaper!

*At the Great Cloth Diaper Change in her Banana Mannas Diaper!!!
There are many benefits to cloth diapering, but none that I have felt so much as I have these last few weeks. Vet bills and pay mess-ups and just overall getting behind because of missing money out of our paycheck hasn't left room for any *extras*... I managed to get 100 dollars worth of groceries the last trip for the kids and I for 2 weeks. That's 50 dollars less than what I dropped it down to and 100 dollars less than what we are use to! Very proud.

My budget can't afford to spend money every month on diapers. Taegen would be in a larger size which means more expensive diapers (sure the bags may *say* they are the same prize, but you always get less diapers for your buck with the bigger sizes). I remember using disposables with my youngest and sometimes finding the money to get diapers every 2 weeks was rough, especially with me not working and my husband working at a fast food restaurant)..

So while I have to worry about other things, diapering my child is not on my mind. I have water and electricity and enough diapers to diaper her for 2 days without worrying about washing. I am *so* glad I cloth diaper for times like these. I don't have to try and scrounge the 20 dollars or so every 2 weeks that it would cost me to buy disposables. It would actually be more than that because I'd have to get chemical free diapers as Taegen as a super sensitive butt and I could only imagine what all the extra gross chemicals in some of the more famous brands would do to her.

So here's a shout out to cloth diapers! It truly does save money and make things *a lot* easier when you're budgeting like a mad woman. You don't have to try and figure out where the 40 dollars a month for diapers is going to come from!

*Even she loves cloth! Her shirt says so! :) (Made by Mr.Handsome's Crazy Diaper Emporium)

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