Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why are there less organics then non organics?

I am so confused as to why there is a wider selection of non organic fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. It truly does not cost more to grow and it is healthier for you! Why does america not understand that chemicals and pesticides are not healthy for you?

In my area we have a limited selection in natural foods stores. To top it off, they can not carry organic produce anymore because not enough people buy it. That makes me so sad. Organics taste better than regular food anyways!

I love the taste of freshly picked fruits and vegetables. My grandparents in Germany have their own garden. Their fruits and vegetables taste amazing and grow great WITHOUT chemicals! Many crops in Europe are organic and many animals are free range. It truly is better for the environment and health.

For the life of me I can not figuer out why people would not want to buy ORGANIC. Why would you willingly ingest toxins?

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