Thursday, November 08, 2007

There was a blog titled, Mother Jailed, put on trial, for curing her son of Melanoma. I am waiting on an email from Who was the one who was listed in the blog to contact. I am checking the validity of it. It basically stated that a mother used "black salve" to cure her son of melanoma and then was arrested and had her children taken away because she "went against the establishment" and "endangered her son", even though her son wanted a holistic treatment.

Even if that story is false, there are many cases where this has happened. In Virginia there was a story about a 14 year old named Abraham who was diagnosed with cancer and was the parents had to fight the court systems. Here is the link to their story, and the bottom link is the Washington post article on "Abraham's Law" a new law passed in Virginia to prevent this from happening to another family.
The Internet is not always accurate. I was still doing research on the story but felt it was best to post anyways, just in case it was true. I am glad that there are women who did care about what goes on in the world, and glad that some women on here were not rude about it.

The sad truth is, the government and pharmaceutical companies are afraid of holistic and homeopathic remedies. They are afraid that they will lose money on invasive treatments when nature provides many remedies for us.

Many mothers over drug their children. How many know that garlic oil cures an ear infection? Antibiotics are given at the first sign of infection, and way too often, causing an imbalance in the natural flora in the digestive tract. Then a pro biotic, such as acidophiles is given to restore that balance.

Things like that scare me. They scare me for my family. For my daughter. It scares me for everyone out there who may go through this. It scares me that the government is trying to choose how we treat ourselves and our families. Soon there will be one global pharmaceutical company who supplies drugs for everyone, everywhere. It is just sad and scary.
As to the info floating around about black salve. I would never buy into ANYTHING quack watch says. It is a very biased website who warns against using Chiropractors. I work in a homeopath/natural foods store. I have seen this work. I have met many people who have had it help them, ranging from skin cancer to brown recluse bites. It is painful, but less invasive and less harmful in the long run then other treatments.

No one should use anything homeopathic without talking to a person who works in the store. Natural does not always mean safe, just safer. The people who work at these stores know a lot. My store even has a licensed nutritionist/iridoligist/kineaseoligist. She has gone to school to learn about homeopathic remedies and has never been wrong in her diagnosis of patients.

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