Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Ultimate Reset Week 3: Restore

Today I start the the process of restoring my body, I'm revitalizing the healthy bacteria in my digestive tract :)

The menu is still super strict, but not unbearable, and I wont lie, not all the foods are that appealing to me and I've had to swap dinners for dinners, lunches for lunches, etc within each phase. It has been a learning experience though and I've definitely changed my eating habits, such as NEVER skipping breakfast! I absolutely love eating breakfast now :) I can't wait until I can add some eggs to it though.

I went into the Reset hoping to lose a bunch of weight. That hasn't happened. I've lost some but not this huge amount that some people have lost. What I did lose was the need for caffeine, and I gained a better appreciation for clean eating (not that I ate terribly before, but I have a much better appreciation now). I think the reason I didn't lose a ton of weight is because my weight wasn't an issue because of my food choices either.

I will admit, the last few days have been really hard on me. It was a combination of so much going on. Detoxing was making me a little sick and emotional, plus Aunt Flow decided to visit, plus I wasn't getting a good night's sleep and then add in getting a cold on top of it and it was bad. I was pretty much in bed all day Sunday.

I feel loads better today and can tell that I just have an overall healthier feel. It's hard to describe. I know that at the end of these last 7 days I'll feel much healthier and be happy that I stuck with the program.

Here's to RESTORE and the last 7 days! I feel so happy that I've gotten this far! :) Thanks to everyone who has supported/still supports me in this endeavor. I appreciate it!

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