Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beachbody Ultimate Reset: the results are in!

I stepped on the scale this morning and took all my measurements. I will tell you I am FLOORED by what the results were. Even with my few slip ups this program has done AMAZING things for me both physically and emotionally.

The Ultimate Reset is a really neat program. It's a 21 day detox. I didn't view it so much as a diet, because it's not something I did with the main purpose of losing weight. I viewed it as a cleanse, because that's what it is. It does come with a strict menu, but thankfully you can swap meals with in the same phase so I ate a lot of the things I liked more than once!

Before I get to my physical results, I want to talk about the emotional changes it made for me. Especially concerning my outlook on food! I never really ate poorly before the reset, which is why I don't think I saw such HUGE numbers during the first week like a lot of people did. My crutch was soda, and I know cutting that out completely helped me tons. Otherwise I made home cooked meals, had fresh ingredients, etc. I wasn't eating the right way though. I would skip breakfast, make a small lunch, and eat too much at dinner sometimes (or not eat enough) and it was obvious that my metabolism hated me for it. I have a newfound appreciation for breakfast. I even ate breakfast with Taegen this morning even though I was no longer required to. I LOVE how eating in the morning makes me feel, (minus today's because I ate a smidgen too much haha). I also appreciate fruit as a snack more, don't get me wrong I loved fruit before, but now it actually helps with any sweet cravings I might have! It's amazing. If I'm craving sweets some watermelon or strawberries help with that, instantly.

I'm also more in tune with what my body craves now. It's an awesome feeling to know how to make better choices for cravings instead of giving into what's quick and easy and not necessarily good for you.

Food is fuel. Junk food is going to make you crash and crash hard.

Emotionally the Reset opened me up to really get in touch with my feelings. I didn't just detox toxins from my body, it was an emotional release to. It wasn't pretty as my eyes were opened to a lot of my own personal flaws, but it was definitely eye opening and awakening. Not everyone will have that experience though, and it's ok. Everyone detox's differently!

As for the physical changes, well those are just as awesome!

Down 11 lbs.
-4.5 inches from waist
-2 inches from hips
-0.5 inches from chest (admitting I don't want to lose much there, hahaha)
-0.5 inches from left and right arm
-2 inches from left and right thighs
for a total of 9.5 inches lost. Which is AMAZING!!!

The Ultimate Reset isn't easy. There were good and bad days. Detoxing made me feel like crap and catching a cold on top of it made it SO much worse but it was worth it. I do feel so much better on the inside and know that I made the right choice. My body feels healthier. I feel healthier. This is just the beginning to a healthier me. This was an amazing experience and I succeeded! That feels amazing.

If anyone wants more information on the Reset here's a website all about it and please feel free to comment here. I'll answer any questions.

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