Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 1, Day 1 of the Ultimate Reset

I'm going to do my best to blog my experience with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset! It helps me be more accountable if I write it down.

I am in Week 1 (or Phase One) as it's called and this face is called RECLAIM as it's focus is removing foods that put stress on your digestive system and prepping it to release the accumulated toxins.

We have 4 supplements will take at different periods of the day: Mineralize, Optimize, Alkalinize, and Soothe.

It seems like such a daunting task when you look at the box full of supplements for 21 days and then you look at the menu and the recipes and the schedule but I'm viewing it as 7 days at a time. It's really easy when you look at it that way. :) Some of the recipes looks amazing as well and you get the option to take Shakeology for breakfast as well!

Today's breakfast is 2 scrambled eggs, steamed kale, and a slice of whole grain toast. Nothing wrong with that!!

Here's to reclaiming, restoring, and resetting my body and a MUCH healthier me in 21 days! *raises glass of distilled water*

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