Saturday, July 28, 2012

imPRESS press on Manicure, a review!

I received these imPRESS: press on manicure set free in my Influenster Mom Vox Box. The color I received was Glisten Up

According to the makers of imPRESS, you can get a "salon-perfect manicure in a matter of seconds-simply peel off, press on, and you're done". Another benefit is there's absolutely no drying time and the manicure should "last up to a week!" (info found here:

You can view the entire collection on their website HERE they have a wide variety of solid colors as well as prints (I also have a zebra print set, they're super cute too!). 

 The white blurry rectangle is the "prep pad" to help prep your nails. I just love the nail polish bottle packaging!

 The picture below shows the peel on the back, they have tabs that make it easier to peel off. Super handy.
 But, alas, this was the problem. My nails, my thumb and a couple others, were just too long for them. :(

I love the idea behind these, and they look super cute. I know it's not always easy to do your nails for date nights/special occasions. As a stay at home mom my nails are usually chipped, because of all the dishes I do and children wrangling, haha) and I never have time to fix them before a date. These would be super convenient. The downside? You have to have short nails to be able to use them, at least the set I got.

The packaging is adorable, that's a huge selling point too.


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