Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kids can bake too!

My daughter, Becka, turned four January 15, 2011. It was an amazing birthday party with good people and she was spoiled, in a good way of course. My friend Brittney gave her this cute cook book, Kids Can Bake by Nicola Graimes (2009). It's a seriously cute cookbook with some amazing recipes.

We've tried some different ones but baking is so tough with a 22 month old awake and around since she wants to "help" which always involve a giant mess, and as fun as it is it really slows down the baking process.

Yesterday was perfect. The youngest went to sleep. Becka and I had been trying to find time to make the Caterpillar Rolls recipe for a couple weeks now and this seemed perfect, since we had no other obligations and we both just wanted to bake. The recipes and ingredients are relatively simple and Becka has fun pouring the ingredients in and helping mix. It's such a fun time for both of us really.

Baking with your child is so rewarding. You can teach them numbers and measurements and math. You can even teach them about science (yeast reactions, rising dough, etc). You can also teach them about textures and the senses. It's such a big learning opportunity for kids, and parents, because you're learning about your child. The quality time is amazing, even if it's a little frustrating because they do things their way. Patience is definitely a virtue, and remembering that they are kids, they will make mistakes and play with flour, causing a huge mess all over your kitchen! haha.

My youngest woke up before we were finished. We had to let the dough rise. The mess that the two of them made with the flour on the table was pretty big. The laughter that ensued as they played in the flour, was priceless and worth cleaning up a giant flour mess. (Hey it could have been worse, it could have been syrup or honey).
The end result of our Caterpillar Rolls tasted fantastic. Everyone, including my 22 month old who doesn't really eat bread, loved them..

So here's our baking escapade, from start to finish! It was rewarding, fun, and a moment I will cherish. There may come a day where she no longer wants to bake with me, but I'll still have these memories .

(I also recommend you finding this book, I'm sure it's on or even in a book store!)

The Book:

The recipe:

My Little Baker:



The rolls:

Her Sister woke up! :)

Oh what fun!

They have risen, and are decorated:

The finished caterpillar, she wanted chocolate chip eyes. She loved it!

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~.-* 7 *-.~ said...

Super cute! I can tell you that so long as you keep allowing her to help, I seriously doubt she'll ever stop wanting to bake with you... at least before she moves out LOL