Thursday, April 07, 2011

Breastmilk: Nature's medicine

So I burned myself last night. It wasn't a minor burn either. We're talking one where you could hear the skin melt and see it turn white and blister. It also didn't feel good and was one of those moments where you just couldn't really say a word, but just stood there tears filling your eyes. Ah, fun times.

My first reaction, from my years at waffle house, was to grab a pickle. It's a really simple and effective trick to neutralize the burn and a cold pickle is super soothing.

My next reaction comes from being a mama of two, and having a total of 4 years of nursing under my wing; I put breastmilk on the burn. It worked, within minutes the pain in my hand began to subside and by morning there's no pain and the burn feels so much better. Breastmilk not only soothed the pain, it prevented the burn from blistering even more.

My husband thinks I am crazy, but did you know that there are dozens of uses for breastmilk? It helps conjunctivitis (pink eye), ear infections, stuffy noses, burns, scrapes and bug bites. It's a pretty fantastic, and free "medicine" that any nursing mom has "lying around".

Don't believe me? That's ok, my husband still doesn't; but for those of you reading and on the proverbial fence there is a lot of fantastic articles and research on the subject.


A Squeaky Foot said...

this is awesome!! i have to link my parents to it!! haha.they about passed out when i put BM into my 5year olds ear while he was screaming rolling around in pain from an ear infection late one forward to a couple weeks ago,my baby got DOUBLE pink eye(how the heck he was the only one in my home of 5 i've no clue)but i again used my magic powers! woohoo!

Jen - Mama to LmM said...

I use BM for everything too! Haha it's a cure-all in my books :)