Monday, August 02, 2010

on a different topic, here's a great giveaway from UrthBags!

These bags look super cute!

The giveaway is for one of their modern hippie bags. Chic, modern, with a touch of that 1960's hippie we all love!

From the page it's self it says:

UrthBags are hand-crafted from recycled materials by Fair Trade Women’s Organizations & Artisans – Purses Made with a Purpose!

"Bridgette" Magazine Bag

By owning an UrthBag, you are not only helping to protect our planet, but also to provide jobs to underprivileged women world-wide. UrthBags are durable, ultra-stylish & can be used for almost any occasion as they come in many different styles and are all handmade from recycled & salvaged materials so you can feel good about owning one while making a bold eco-fashion statement.

Monica Ralli, founded Urthbags to help inspire people to develop a stronger sense of eco-consciousness while making a stylish, green fashion statement. I had the pleasure of speaking with Monica recently to learn more about her vision and what’s in store for Urthbags.

Check it out!

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Modern said...

Thanks so much for blogging about our giveaway!!