Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The joys of motherhood!

When I was pregnant people would always tell me the downsides of a newborn. "Oh you will never get any sleep", "oh enjoy sex now, there will not be any once the baby is here", "oh, breastfeeding is too time consuming". Granted some of these things were true. Sleep came very seldom and only when the baby slept. Sex died down for a while after the baby was born and breastfeeding did become somewhat time consuming.

What everyone fails to mention is the absolute joy of having a child. No one tells you how much your heart melts at the first real smile and laugh. No one mentions how you begin to tear up at every milestone. People forgot to warn you that when you hear "mama" for the first time your heart explodes with happiness.

Every day is a new adventure. Babies develop so quickly and so much changes over such a short amount of time. One month ago my daughter was only attempting to crawl, and failing miserably. Now she can crawl and pull herself up and sit up on her own. All of these achievements bring tears to my eyes. It is just an amazing thing to watch.

People also forgot to mention how a child brings joy back into your life. Simple things bring you pleasure. As you get older you begin to lose interest in the little things. You begin to take for granted all the things you can do. Having my daughter changed that. The smallest things make me happy, such as watching a butterfly or one of our cats. My daughter is so enthralled in everything and every new discovery and that has rubbed off on me.

So while my daughter sleeps next to my husband, I will think about all the joys she brings to my life. Even if sleep is not one of them!

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