October 10, 2007

and she can crawl...

The joys of motherhood are astounding. It seems like yesterday she was born and now she is a crawling fool! There are new adventures everyday. It is so amazing to watch this baby grow up. To be apart of everything in her life. She has taught me so much about myself. She has taught me patience and she has taught me to appreciate all the little things in life. She will be 9 months soon... oh boy. (she takes a slight fall here, she is not hurt! It looks bad though)


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Arizaphale said...

What a beautiful girl you have. Congratulations. I love your intake of breath as she falls. I can just imagine you rushing over to pick her up!! :-) Glad she was ok. A doctor once told me that babies are very 'cartilage rich zones'. That was after my daughter rolled off the bed!!! The good news is she's now 12 and seems to be ok. haha