Friday, March 30, 2012

march Happiness Challenge Day 28,29, 30

I dream, constantly, about owning my own home. Having a place where the kids can play, we can paint, and just it be OURS. I hate renting. It's so restricting. I want to be able to paint a room pink if I want to! :D

1. my husband. 2. Becka's crazy dances. 3. Taegen's hair. 4. blowing bubbles. 5. baby's/children's laughter. 6. Our puppy and his crazy tail/butt shake when he's happy. 7. playing in the rain. 8. spring flowers. 9. 10. karaoke nights!
1. I try to appreciate all the small things! 2. I make sure to smile and laugh a lot more. 3. I realized that happiness is completely contagious! :D I loved this challenge and I will try and think of things that make me happy daily, to remind myself to smile!

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dslrbbt said...

Hi Shanna! I just tagged you in my 11 Questions tag! Check out my latest blog entry to find out which questions I am asking of you! :)