Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Happiness Challenge Day 15-20 (catching up!)

I don't really watch a lot of TV. We don't get a lot of channels so I have to catch up when I can! I LOVE True Blood (although, parts of the newest season made me crings). I could look at a shirtless Eric all day. I love Top Chef and Cupcake Wars. Those make me happy. I love food. Haha.

Oh man, my wedding day was extremely happy. My husband and I got married on the first day of fall. We had a beautiful zoo wedding! <3 It was awesome.

January 15, 2007 is the day I gave birth to my oldest daughter, Rebecka. It was the day I became a mother, it was amazing. May 26, 2009 is the day I had my home birth with my youngest daughter, Taegen. It was spectacular too. It's the day I became an empowered woman. Both days are definitely happy days in my life though.
My children and my husband inspire me. I love them so much. I strive to be a better person for them. There are so many people I've never met that inspire me too. My friend Meghan with her drive and determination and her amazing weight loss Journey, it truly inspires me and pushes me to just work my ass off!
Devil's Food. I love devil's food. I love to make it too. I can eat it all up. It's amazing. Next is Angel Food though. mmmmmmm.
haha, I found this: http://www.lovecalculator.com/ It makes me laugh so hard.

I also found some great images:

I love flowers. I absolutely adore orchids though and gerbera daisies.

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