Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beginning my own business with Barefoot Books!

I have been neglecting my blog, it makes me sad, but life has been so crazy around here lately!!!!

I made the decision to go ahead and become a Barefoot Books Ambassador. I've been thinking about it for awhile now, and just decided to do it! I am super excited, for many reasons. I love their products. I don't think I could sell them if I didn't love them. I love children and learning and creativity things I believe this company supports and stands for! Their books are creative, fun, inspirational, and for all ages. They have a collection of fantastic puppets and puzzles, and many different types of activity books that are so much fun and if you laminate the pages, the books will last forever (or until a child eats it, which could happen! haha).

I'm very excited for this adventure. I bought a stock order and have a ton of awesome products here and am getting ready to host my Grand Opening party in my home! It's just amazing to me to be doing this!

I have a facebook page: HERE
and my own website so those not local can purchase: HERE

and it feels SO good to have something that's mine! :)

Another reason why I love this company is that you have the option to purchase books to send to schools and libraries in Africa. It's such an amazing thing that is done to help give those kids books to read and share the love of reading and creativity with children who don't have many opportunities to learn.

So this is my new adventure! It's going to be pretty exciting, I think!!! :D

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