Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chained Links Review :D

I love jewelry. I love handmade items. Chained Links is perfect for me!

Wendy, the mom behind Chained Links, puts a lot of heart and time into her work. She is a college student and a mother of two. She's awesome to work with and her jewelry is extremely well made. The flower's are made from metal rings and metal scales..

I have a flower necklace and a flower hair comb. Both are made beautifully, and both work great!!! It's absolutely fantastic to find that "perfect" piece of jewelry and these are a perfect set! Her craftsmanship is perfection, she pays attention to every little detail to produce the best work possible and you can tell she puts a lot of time into each piece.

You can find Chained links in the Peace, Love, and Cloth Congo on Hyenacart and on Facebook!

Here I am wearing the necklace:

and another picture of the necklace AND hair comb :D

Here are other items she has for sale! Look at the skill and beauty!

Green Flower Necklace

Rainbow Niobum and Silver Dragon Earrings

Lovers Knot Earrings

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