Friday, December 07, 2007

the society of the USA is going to drive me insane...

In a society where women can walk around half naked, and flaunt their bodies nursing mothers are made to feel dirty and ashamed.
In this society we can see celebrities half naked on the cover of magazines, but the women feeding her child on the park bench gets ridiculed. Why?

Is it because this society is so fixated on sex that using breasts for what they are meant to be used for has become unnatural? That Christina Aguelera(sp?) can pose nude on rolling stone with nothing more than a guitar and her hand covering her, but the mom nursing in the mall is indecent. What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Since when has nursing become so damn offensive? Since formula companies started saying that nursing was bad? Or since women are all about convenience as apposed to what benefits their child? Is that why breastfeeding is so uncommon, and so ridiculed?

Or is it a combination of that and the total downfall of society. We can see Lil' Kim get her boob fondled by Diana Ross on national television, but god forbid you see a mother's nipple while she tries to latch on her screaming, hungry baby.

Society needs to grow up and step up. Breastfeeding is like a double edged sword. You are told how important it is and then once you do it you have to deal with being told where and how to do it. What the hell is up with that?

I am so sick of the dirty looks and the snide remarks. I am sick of being looked at like an abuser for nursing my almost 11 month old. Society can kiss my ass. I wish more celebrities would stand up to the plate. Maggie Gyllenhal did, and thank god for her. I just wish more mainstream celebs would get on the breastfeeding bandwagon. We need the info out their.

So moms grab your babies and sit down on that bench and nurse. Do not let this back ass wards society make you feel dirty. You are doing what is best for your baby! Hand them that blanket, and tell them to cover if they do not like it!

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kk5217 said...

I agree! Society needs a BIG wake up call! Why do women think we begin lactating in pregnancy, producing colostrum, and then within days of birth are flowing with milk, perfectly formulated and served at just the right temp for our precious babes? It isn't coincidence! Mammals-Mammories. We are MADE to breastfeed, our babies DESERVE for us to give them that start.