Monday, October 08, 2007

The Great Virtual Breast Fest!

Presented to you from The League of Maternal Justice!

Mission #2: The Great Virtual Breast Fest
Activate your wonder powers by pulling out your boobs on October 10, 2007 at 10:00am (your time) (mark your calendars!) and showing the world that you're a boobtastic superhero mom and damn proud of it.
We're asking women around the world to speak out - and squirt out! - against the banning of breastfeeding pictures on Facebook, as well as against the constant onslaught of negative attention toward breastfeeding mothers in public spaces and in the media.
That's right. We're staging a virtual nurse-in!

On October 10 at 10am (your time), women around the US and Canada and - we hope - the world will breastfeed for justice. We'll nurse our babies or bottle-feed our babies or reminisce about doing either of those things and we'll post pictures and video, all together, and let the world know that there is no shame, only power, in caring for our children.
Spread the word by placing a button on your blog, and then set up your web cam to live broadcast on your blog on October 10 at 10am (your time). If you don't have a web cam, but have a video recorder, post some breastfeeding video! Load it up on YouTube and tag it "The Great Virtual Breast Fest" on October 10!

If you don't have a web cam/video camera or you are not currently nursing, send us your breastfeeding pictures, along with your blog url (if you have one -- non-bloggers are WELCOME and strongly encouraged to participate!). We'll be creating a video montage of pictures that you can embed onto your blog. (If you've already written a post with pictures, please still send us a photo!)

So not to exclude our non-breastfeeding friends, you can participate by writing a post - even a blurb will do - about why you support women's right to nourish their children whenever and whatever and in whatever manner they wish.
We love your boobs too!

Whatever you're planning on doing as part of the Breast Fest, make sure to let us know how you're participating by emailing The Boob Squad. Want to breastfeed live but need a webcam? Plan on putting video up?

Sending us some pics?
We want to know! Are you with us?!And finally, please SPREAD THE WORD. Leave a note on your message boards, tell the moms at your playgroup, or heck, send an email to Oprah! And will someone please load this up over at the Facebook protest group?

This is not a Breast Fest without breasts and lots of them! Swipe a button code, write a post, and let people know we're not hiding under blankets any longer. We'll be adding the links to our sidebar and keeping tabs on our Brest Fest participants!

For more on our Facebook Sucks mission, click here. We're still encouraging people to throw a stone at the big man and deactivate accounts!

And if you know of any potential sponsors - we'd love to get web cams to women who want to join in, but any kind of sponsorship will do! - Please send them our way! Or donate a few bucks in our sidebar. All the proceeds will go towards getting us one step closer to Maternal Justice!

How you can participate:
1) Nurse live on your blog via a webcam at 10am YOUR time
2) Place recorded video of you breastfeeding on your blog at 10am YOUR time
3) Place the LMJ Breastfeeding Montage (available 10/8) on your blog at 10am YOUR time Up and through 10/10, please help us spread the word by writing posts and linking our site with the button codes.

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